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The Legend of Ogopogo

The Ogopogo Chronicle 2005 inc.

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The Legend of Ogopogo

The Legend of Ogopogo

Before the white man came to the Massawippi Valley, the Indians knew of a lake monster which they called "N'ha-a-tik". This monster lived in a cave close to Quebec Lodge at a place called Black Point.

Indians would never paddle a canoe or raft near this area because often a storm would spring up and from the water would rise N'ha-a-tik to claim another life. If it was necessary to go within the area, it was better to carry a small animal and throw it overboard as a sacrifice to appease the monster.

The first white settlers heard of N'ha-a-tik from the Indians. These sturdy citizens were not superstitious; however, many of them saw the monster and experienced the phenomena that were rather unusual.

One instance tells of two horses swimming behind a boat and mysteriously being pulled beneath the waves; another of a girl and her horse getting the scare of their lives as a huge black serpent-like creature slithered off the rocks into the lake.

In 1942, at a banquet in Mead Lodge, a little song was composed and sung, and from it a meaningless word, "Ogopogo" caught on and has become as famous as Scotland's Loch Ness Monster.

In the past thirty years many reputable persons have seen Ogopogo, but many of these sightings are from the roads high above the lake, it is almost impossible to photograph anything one might see.

In a two year period, twenty-one reputable citizens has seen our friendly lake monster and the general descriptions all agree; at least twenty feet long, with a heavy snake's body, a horse's or goat's head - well bearded, traveling at a fast speed or lazily sunning itself.

This is about all we know of Ogopogo, perhaps someday we may see him ourselves, but in the meantime, it's nice to know he's there keeping a benevolent eye on his favourite swimming hole.

The Ogopogo Song

Funniest thing the world has ever, ever known.

So gather 'round me and a story I will tell to all.
About the Ogopogo where the rippling waters fall.
I'm telling you because it's true, believe if you can.
There's an Ogopogo swimming in Ogopogo land.

A dragon's head he's 'sposed to have, his eyes are balls of flame.
It's forty fathoms from his tale up to his shaggy mane.
I'm telling you because it's true, believe if you can.
There's an Ogopogo swimming in ogopogo land.

The red men called it Okanagan, that I can't deny.
That means stormy waters where the Ogopogo lies.
And this is true, I'm telling you, when he gets mad I'm told.
The thunders crash, the lightnings flash, the dark blue waters roll.

Now that's as true as true can be, I hope you understand.
That's the way I heard it down in ogopogo land.
But if you see an Ogopogo, take it right from me.
Lock your cage up tight tonight and throw away the key.

If you believe it, you're a bigger fool than me.


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